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March 2017
Civil Engineering
Brennan Consulting: Westford Fire Station

Brennan Consulting is performing site design, traffic engineering and construction document submission for the Westford Fire Station. The tasks include site design layout, stormwater management, grading and drainage, traffic impact analysis, septic design, utility connections, and permitting at the local and state level.  Construction documents including plan development for the designs and construction details and the submission of site specifications.

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March 2017
Construction Layout
Brennan Consulting Assists TREVIICOS with Wynn Boston Harbor Casino

Brennan Consulting worked on the Wynn Boston Harbor Casino in Everett MA. We laid out and As- built approximately 2,250 linear feet of proposed slurry wall and 60 LBE’s (Load Bearing Elements). The slurry wall was constructed in three lifts requiring constant monitoring for movement with additional checks during the construction of the LBE’s.

Learn more about the project on the TREVIICOS web site.