Data Accumulation Survey Project

Provincetown, MA

Brennan Consulting performed a location survey of the storm water/drainage infrastructure in Provincetown MA.  The survey included the location of approximately 700 drainage structures including catch basins, manholes, leaching basins, outfalls, and point discharge locations. Every structure was located horizontally and vertically including the popping of structure covers to obtain connecting pipe inverts, material, diameter, condition, pipe direction, and sump elevations.  Pictures were taken of the structure covers and inside the structures. 

The data was real time uploaded into Provincetown GIS system for instantaneous use by the DPW.  The data was accumulated utilizing an extremely accurate L1/L2 frequency GPS system, allowing for horizontal and vertical accuracies within a few centimeters.  The data was accumulated in NAVD ’88 and NAD ’83 datums and tied into MassDOT monumentation and benchmarks