Clippership Wharf

East Boston, MA

The Clippership Wharf project will transform an underutilized section of the East Boston Waterfront into an active, publicly-accessible extension of Maverick Square and the surrounding East Boston neighborhood. The total area is 12 acres with a combined 214 apartments, 278 condominiums and retail spaces, with above-ground parking. This project is requiring more than 700 pre-cast, pre-stressed concrete piles to be driven by Vynorius Companies.
Brennan Consulting is performing preliminary and final as built surveys on each pile totaling over 1400 as built surveys. This task includes establishing horizontal and vertical control, calculating and laying out of the pile locations prior to pile driving. We will locate the horizontal position and also the plumb of the driven 200 foot piles to produce a ‘preliminary as-built plan’ for review by the geotechnical engineer. Once the pile is accepted and cut to the correct elevation, we will produce a ‘final as-built plan’ for the client to design the accompanying pile cap. This process is very labor intensive, fast paced and takes critical task management to complete.  Brennan Consulting is proud to be part of this essential phase of the Clippership Wharf project.

Hired by Vynorious Companies, Brennan is working directly with them and the project’s developer, Lendlease.